Hea‚Äčling mind, body and soul 

Divine Crystal And Reiki Healing

Welcome to my holistic health and wellness page. I am Sedona Asara - a holistic therapist, a Certified Quantum Reiki Practitioner, an Angelic Reiki Master and a Crystal Healing Practitioner. I am also trained in traditional Japanese Usui Reiki and Shamanic Healing Practices such as Soul Retrieval.

I am passionate about natural holistic healing techniques as it can help anyone achieve a truly healthy physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

While modern-day western medicine has brought many wonderful and life saving advancements, one of the downfalls of western medicine is the often siloed approach to health, which looks at the body in sections of individual symptoms and pieces rather that the whole system it really is.

This is why holistic health is so important, because to truly achieve optimal wellness in the physical, mental, and spiritual sense we have to be viewing and supporting the body as the incredible system it is. 


What to expect?

Reiki (pronounced "ray-key") is a non-invasive technique to promote healing by releasing congestion from energy centres to enable a good flow of energy in the body. It is based on the idea of channeling universal life energy (Chi) through a practitioner to a client and works to enhance the body's natural healing ability. During a Reiki session, the recipient remains fully clothed, usually removing only the shoes. It is administered by the practitioner who uses healing intentions and placement of hands in specific positions, either directly on or just above the body.


Divine Healing is a Nottingham based Holistic Practice. We also offer remote healing and travelling to clients resident if it's within 20 miles radius. For further info, please contact us directly on 07578 168159.

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Quantum Reiki 

Quantum Reiki is the highest form of Reiki that restores the balance and flow of energy throughout the body, mind, and soul. This technique works directly with the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of well-being. It is used to treat various medical conditions, especially ailments related to mental health.

It addresses the illness caused due to disturbance of the energy flow in the body. 

It is believed that when the energy flow (also known as Chi or Prana) gets fixed, the person automatically gets cured. 

Reiki Benefits

  1. Relieves pain & discomfort
  2. Reduces stress & anxiety
  3. Awakens intuition & self-awareness
  4. Relieves depression
  5. Strengthen self-esteem
  6. Strengthen immune system
  7. Releases toxins & smooths digestion
  8. Aids relaxation & improves sleep
  9. Clear blockages & suppressed emotions


5.0 out of 5 Star Experience

Fabulous experience with a lovely and knowledgeable healer.

Stacey Peat 

Wow! This lady is absolutely amazing! She just seems to get you like no one else can. She always nails it. Her intuition is beyond this world. She always seems to know what is happening although you haven't disclosed this. I love seeing her, even her warm welcome brightens up the day. Highly recommended!

Jasmine Dubbbini

Amazing Service. Chakras healed after a couple of sessions. 

Definitely Worth it.

Thomas Blacklock

Please contact us on 07578 168159 to book a session

Each session includes healing and consultation for £35 for an hour and 15 mins

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