Hea‚Äčling mind, body and soul 

Quantum Healing 

Each Session ‚Äčincludes a powerful combination of Quantum, Angelic Reiki and Crystal Healing to optimize the healing process and the overall wellbeing of the individual. This process is designed to fast-track individuals on their healing journey. 

Each session will include 40-45 min of full-body energy healing and 15-20 min of consultation. 

Home Cleanse - Get Rid of Negative Energy in Your Home

We provide energy cleansing of your home, work, neighbourhood, even hospitals, to get rid of negative energy to optimize your wellbeing and surrounding environment. This process can be done remotely. All we will require is a picture of the place and full address to direct cleansing energy to. 

Home is a place where we ought to feel safest and most secured. Sadly, it's not always the case as our environment can be affected by our emotional state as well as state of previous tenants who lived in the house or by events that we are not aware of. For more info, please contact us on 07578 168159.

Remove Curses, Spells and Negative Attachments

As a growing number of people are now seeking help from us with removing curses, spells and negative attachments/entities, We have started providing this service. This service can be done remotely i.e. can be done from a distance. All we will require is a picture of the person with their name who need help with this. 

For further info, please contact us on 07578 168159.